The Department of Quiche is located norwest of the country. Its weather is cold and mild. It counts with big extensions of woods and lands still virgin. It is integrated by 21 towns between these it is Chichicastenango a very attractive place for tourists because of its colors and traditional natives. Probably its market is the most colorful and visited market in América. Also, only 2.5 km from the hotel, you will find Q´umarkaj, capital of the K´iche´ Maya.

Name of the Department: Quiche.
Head of the Department: Santa Cruz del Quiche.
Population: 861,089 (according to INEs calculus 2008).
Languages: Spanish, K’iche, Isil, Sakapulteko, Uspanteko and Q’eqchi.
Altitude: 2021 meters above sea level.
Extension: 8376 square kms.
Weather: cold and mild.
Minimum: 9°C minimum and 32°C maximum.

Distance from Ciudad de Guatemala to Santa Cruz del Quiche: 164 kms. Asphalt road.

How can you get there?

You must take CA-1 road to the west. When you reached Los Encuentros, turn to the right to the national road number 15, pass Chichicastenango and keep going until you get to the head of the Department where you will find Hotel de Santa Maria.

Clothing recommended

Fresh and comfortable for the travel and warm clothing for the nights.